The rules are simple, yet subject to change:

  • Everyone must bring beer (at least a six pack, preferably 12 or more of 12 oz cans), bringing your own duct tape is optional but be ready to share.
  • All players begin as a level 0 wizard. Each beer finished advances you one level higher.
  • Empty beer cans will be kept by the player and duct taped together to create their wizard staff.
  • Players may not share, loan, trade, sell, give away or lose their empty beer cans.
  • Bosses will challenge players at levels 2, 5 and 7.
  • The first player to become a level 8 wizard will earn the title of the White Wizard.
  • For every level beyond 8th the White Wizard attains, she or he makes up a new house rule that everyone must follow for the rest of the adventure.
  • Any subsequent players reaching level 8 challenges the White Wizard to a duel, fought with their wizard staffs. The wizard who’s staff survives the duel earns (or retains) the title of White Wizard.
  • Experience levels are lost at the end of the adventure – players begin again as level 0 wizards at the start of the next adventure.

Glory of the White Wizard

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